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9 cities, 6 countries, 2 handwritings.
postcards... and counting!

Welcome! Are you in Europe?
If you're not, come with us because during the summer, we'll be in Europe!
Throughout the month of September we will be traveling through 9 cities in 6 countries on the European continent and we want to share the experience with you! 

We can send you postcards from each or all of the 9 cities. Or, even better, we can send them from you to someone you love, or maybe to someone you told you would be in Europe (liar!). You can send the text you want us to write on the card, choose which handwriting you want, which city and which address to send.

Follow our travels on this site, and order specially made postcards directly from us to commemorate the trip. If you're in one of our destinations, you could meet us or be our host. So, if you're in Europe, or not, come and join us - we appreciate it!

We'll send you a postcard!


Manchester (9-10 sep): The International capital of music
Brussels (10-12 sep): The capital of the European Union
Turin (12-16 sep): The capital of the alps and Italian design
Girona (16-17 sep): The heart of Cataluña
Palma de Mallorca (17-19 sep): Also known as Paradise - NEW!
Barcelona (19-20 sep): The capital of summer
Tarragona (20-21 sep): The best scenery in Europe
Memmingen (21-22 sep): The gateway to the Allgäu
Dublin (22-23 sep): The home of fun!

Fritz & Gillian are two star-crossed best friends and lovers who met in 2000 via the magic of the internet. They are collaborators, mutual admirers and creative folks who love internet media. They live together in England and they love to travel and to meet new people.

Design and development:


Postcards will be sent regular mail service. They are not insured or guaranteed. Each postcard will be sent from the each city on their respective dates as indicated in our itinerary.