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9 cities, 6 countries, 2 handwritings.
postcards... and counting!

I’m in Europe! You’re in Europe with us!  Either way, it’s going to be fantastic.  Fritz and Gillian are traveling again. You saw us drive from Los Angeles to New York at, and now we’re in Europe.  Come along with us!

We want to share our travels with the largest possible group of people, meeting interesting folks along the way and making friends.  By setting up we’re connecting you with interesting places you want to see, showing you interesting things we saw and we’re sharing our enjoyment of the trip and the project itself with as much spontaneity, care and appreciation as possible.

While we handle every piece of correspondence with extra love and care, we cannot foresee the difficulties of the postal service of each country. Please account for unfortunate mishaps like lost mail. Part of the magic of postcards is that they are whimsical and unpredictable, but almost always find their meandering way to their door. We will not be sending them registered or insured, it defeats the purpose. If for some reason your slice of postal love doesn’t arrive, we will provide a scanned copy of the receipt from the postcard for your inspection. Each postcard will be sent from the requested city on the specific dates of our itinerary. Please refer to this itinerary and choose your date or city accordingly. We cannot accommodate any different dates as these are the times that we will be in these cities. Thank you,

Fritz and Gillian are two star-crossed best friends and lovers who met in 2000 via the magic of the internet.  They are collaborators, mutual admirers and creative folks who love internet media.
They live together in England, far away from their families - but they're always inventing new ways to travel around the world and share their experiences with new and old friends.

Fritz and Gillian are couchsurfing activists and believe in sharing experiences and enjoyment via travel and hosting.  Some of their best friends were met on the road and through hosting travelers.
If you like, you can host them in any one of their destinations by visiting our CouchSurfing page.
The digital couple USA road trip.
Gillian Warshauer's texts and poems
Fritz von Runte's mixtapes (in Portuguese)
Fritz alter-alter-alter-ego.
Fritz von Runte's personal references.

We're looking for new friends in our destinations:

Manchester Sep 9-10 '09 Girona Sep 16-17 '09 Tarragona Sep 20-21 '09
Brussels Sep 10-12 '09 Mallorca Sep 17-19 '09 Memmingen Sep 21-22 '09
Turin Sep 12-16 '09 Barcelona Sep 19-20 '09 Dublin Sep 22-23 '09

If you can host us or would like to have a drink or coffee drop us a line!
We love to share the travel experience with new and old friends alike - we think it’s more exciting this way...  So, if you're a member on couchsurfing, you can find us here.

If you're not, get involved!  It's a fantastic community full of wonderful people and you'll like it - we promise!

See you soon! x

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Postcards will be sent regular mail service. They are not insured or guaranteed. Each postcard will be sent from the each city on their respective dates as indicated in our itinerary.